Insurance Plan Details:


This Plan is designed to meet requirement of Prospective clients maximum risk coverage with minimal premium. Even though, who has low income, can purchase this plan with minimum Premium as per requirement.


Targeted group:


 Nepalese insurance eligible citizens between 18 to 65 years can purchase Insurance policy.


Additional Features other than existing products: 


Life assured can pay premium in single pay mode or can purchase with other conventional products. Additional funeral expenses provided in death claim.


Basic Features:


Plan Name

Surya Suraksha Kawaj

Entry Age

Minimum Entry Age

Maximum Entry Age



Sum Assured

Minimum Amount

Maximum Amount

NRs. 100,000/-

As Per Income Source

Policy Coverage  Period

Minimum Term

Maximum Term


1 Years

30 Years

Premium Pay Mode

Yearly /Half Yearly/Quarterly/ Monthly and Single

Premium Paying Term

Single or 2 to 30 Years

Risk start date

Date of Commencement