Frequently Asked Question

There are several different types of life insurance palns. In order to get the best one to fulfill the needs that you have established, you should research what plans insurance companies offer and the costs and benefits associated. Types of life insurance include:

  • Wholelife Coverage.
  • Universal life coverage. 
  • Limited Pay.
  • Endowment. 
  • Accidental Death.

Death can come at any time. Purchasing life insurance as soon as you are able is the best time to do so. Many people find reason to put off purchasing life insurance, believing that there is always more time to pick up a policy. That time is not always there.

Everyone can benefit from a life insurance policy. Life insurance policies help pay for expenses that remain after a death. Almost everyone will acquire some type of medical expenses upon death. The same applies to funeral expenses.

Beneficiaries are not always family, spouses or children, so these life insurance policies do not exclude single individuals. You may choose whomever you want to entrust with your life insurance benefit to help pay for expenses and obligations after you are gone.

There are four important reasons to purchase life insurance:

  • Final Expenses 
  • Mortgage Protection 
  • College Funding 
  • Income Replacement