Full Name : Mr. Keshab Prasad Bhattarai Email : chairman@suryalife.com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : April 27th, 2017 Mr. Keshav Prasad Bhattarai is the Chairman of Surya Life Insurance Company since April 2017. Mr. Bhattarai represents in the Company's board from "Shree Ganesh Properties and Investment Pvt. Ltd."
With Master's degree in Economics, he has served in the civil service for around 3 decades and was the Secretary to the Government of Nepal before he retired. As a social entrepreneur, he has dedicated himself to the welfare and advancement of Nepalese community.

Mr. Keshab Prasad Bhattarai

Full Name : Mr. Bishal Agrawal Email : info@Suryalife.Com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : April 27th, 2017 Mr. Vishal Agarwal is a well-known figure in the business sector. Mr. Agarwal is the Vice President of Reshu Group of Companies and Sanah Capital Pvt. Ltd. He holds a MBA degree.
He has more than a decade of successful experience in providing good leadership in uniquely challenging situations.

Mr. Bishal Agrawal

Full Name : Mr. Hemanta Nahata Email : info@suryalife.com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : April 27th, 2017 Mr. Hemant Nahata has been a director in Surya Life Insurance since April 2017. Mr. Nahata is a prominent figure in the corporate world. He is a person with prior expertise in the insurance and banking industries with a successful 25 year track record of profitable business ownership.
Mr. Nahata represents in the Company's board from "Honey Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.". Mr. Nahata holds an E-MBA degree with a remarkable experience in the financial sector.

Mr. Hemanta Nahata

Full Name : Mr. Vivek Jha Email : info@suryalife.com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : May 21st, 2021

Mr. Jha is a prominent figure in Insurance Sector and known for his visionary leadership. During his tenure as a Chief Executive Officer (2012-2020), he excelled in all parameters of Insurance Industry covering one third of the market share for a life insurance company. He managed to secure balance sheet figure of 100 billion, the highest tax payer company and 5 times the best managed life insurance company of Nepal.

Apart from that, he held the position of Founder Director of Insurance Institute Nepal (IIN), which is a joint investment of Insurance Regulatory Authority (BEEMA Samiti) & Insurers of Nepal. Mr. Jha is a fellow Chartered Accountant with a broad experience of more than 20 years in insurance, banking, audit and academic sectors.

Mr. Vivek Jha

Full Name : Mrs. Kriti Tibrewal Email : info@suryalife.com Phone : Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : August 15th, 2017 Mrs. Kriti Tibrewala represents in Company's board from Global Chemical Pvt. Ltd since August 2017.
She holds a B. Com degree. Her areas of expertise are marketing, strategic management and brand.

Mrs. Kriti Tibrewal

Full Name : Mr. Birendra Babu Shrestha Email : info@suryalife.com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : February 26th, 2018 Mr. Birendra Babu Shrestha represents in the company's board from Vishal Minerals and Mines Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Shrestha is the retired Additional Inspector General of Police. He has served 30 years in Nepal Police.
He holds a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Management. Apart from that, he has been a part of various major foreign trainings and workshops.

Mr. Birendra Babu Shrestha

Public Director
Full Name : Mr. Chudamani Devkota Email : info@suryalife.com Phone : 01-4523743 First Appointment Date : January 10th, 2021 Mr. Chudamani Devkota holds more than three decades of experience in the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance. With a degree in Master of Public Administration from the United Kingdom, he has been able to showcase his versatility by performing multiple responsibilities.
Mr. Devkota shows keen interest in writing lyrics. He has recorded over 100 songs.

Mr. Chudamani Devkota

Independent Director
Full Name : Mr. Bharat KC Email : bharat.kc@suryalife.com Phone : Phone : 01- 4523743 First Appointment Date : September 20th, 2021

Mr. Bharat KC

Company Secretary