Surya Yearly Money Back Plan

The company has introduced new Surya Dhanasambridhi (Yearly Money Back Endowment) insurance plan as per the desire of the respective client and interested citizens. According to the wishes of the assured, fixed percentage of sum assured will be returned to assured on yearly basis during insurance period and rider benefit can be taken during insurance period.
Benefits of this insurance plan:
1) Assured have benefit of getting yearly fund from insurance company for repayment of different type of loan from bank or financial institutions.
2) On the maturity date of policy, assured will get remaining amount of sum assured plus vested bonus.
3) Loan facilities can be obtained in the terms of insurance plan.
Silent Features:
Minimum Entry Age   : 18 Years (Nearest Birthday).
Maximum Entry Age  : 50 Years (Nearest Birthday).      
Minimum Term Year   : 10 Years.
Maximum Term Year   : 20 Years.
Minimum Sum Assured : Rs. 500,000 /-
Maximum Sum Assured : As per income source of assured.
Discount on the basis of payment mode
Mode of payment                                                               Discount %
Yearly                                                                    :                    2 %
Half yearly                                                             :                    1 %
Quarterly and Salary Saving Scheme                    :                   0 %
Discount on the basis of sum assured
Sum Assured                                                       :                Discount Rs. (Per 1000)
Rs. 500,00                                                           :                         Rs. 0
Rs. 500,001  to 25,00,000                                   :                         Rs. 0.50
Rs. 25,00,001 to 50,00,000                                 :                         Rs. 1
Rs. 50,00,001 to 10,00,0000                               :                         Rs. 1.50
Rs. 10,00,0001 or greater than                           :                         Rs. 2
Money back option
Money Back /Policy Term 10 Years Term 11 to 15 Years Term 16 To 20 Years Term
6% Yes No No
5% Yes Yes No
4.5% No Yes No
4 % Yes Yes Yes
First Policy Issued Date:2018-01-08